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Gear up for Man of Steel with Superman Unbound!

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This is The Fright Channel’s current animated pic for the month of May, 2013!  Check out the flick and extra features!

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TV Review: Cult and The Following

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The last couple of TV seasons were really hard because I got burnt too many times by getting hooked on a cool new show which would then get canceled only a few episodes in. So this season, I sat back and laughed as more network shows with unique premises were canceled like a swarm of dying insects. The only new show I picked up so far that is also a hit was Arrow. However, two mid-season replacements had trailers a few months back that did happen to catch my eye. Cult on the CW and Fox’s The Following. I must say, I am both hooked and creeped out by these shows, which have similar, yet very different premises. Let’s see if their eerie stories can help them maintain an audience for at least a couple of seasons (if not the rest of this one).

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Review: OZ the Great and Powerful

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Going into this movie, I have to admit I had some doubts.  The trailers looked good, but I was worried for all of us: that the filmmakers would somehow besmirch the classic 1939 Wizard of Oz film that we all know and love.  To do anything other than revere the original film would be sacrilege.  Let us not forget that L. Frank Baum wrote 18 Oz novels, not just “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz”.   Thankfully, as a prequel, this move exceeds all expectations, taking elements from Baum’s books and creating a wonderful story of how the Wizard actually got to the Land of Oz.

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The ABCs of Death in theaters at MIDNIGHT

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Who’s going to see The ABCs of Death in theaters at MIDNIGHT?!

RSVP here: http://on.fb.me/Wvh7ej

If you can’t wait, watch it on demand NOW!

Theaters: http://bit.ly/VRpXk6
iTunes: http://bit.ly/ABCsiTun
Amazon: http://bit.ly/ABCsAmaz
On Demand: http://bit.ly/ABCsOnD

Like Magnet Releasing: http://bit.ly/O7n37

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