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Comic Review: Walking Dead Issue# 83

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The Walking Dead Issue #83

Better Late than never!!!!

Wow!!!! That is the first thing that comes to mind after reading issue 83 of The Walking Dead.  Month after month, Robert Kirkman manages to break our hearts yet we keep coming back for more and more.  If issue 82 was the shit-hits-the-fan issue then issue 83 is the someone-backed-a- dump-truck-full-of-shit-and-dumped-it-on-the-fan issue. Continue reading


5 in Five: Rob Fitz by Shaun Daniels

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I recently got to interview Rob Fitz, the filmmaker responsible for the critically-acclaimed film, God of Vampires. Rob, a New Hampshire native, went to The School of Visual Arts in New York City to pursue his lifelong passion of creating horror films. Ever since Rob was a young kid, he has been in love with horror films so much so that he would often sneak out of bed late at night to watch Gates of Hell and Dawn of the Dead even at the early age of 10. This love of horror films translates into the continued success of Gods of Vampires and his latest project, The Pact, a film about teen suicide and the undead.

Continue reading

TOO MUCH COFFEE BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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BOOM! TOWN IMPRINT Continue reading

Then Is Now – Horror Hound Weekend Review by Roger Froilan

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Growing up, I always had cool things that comprised my “happy place”: Drive-In Theaters, Famous Monsters Magazine, library books about monsters and monster movies, and of course, Creature Double Feature, just to name a few. Many of my friends weren’t into these things, but they were always special to me. What I didn’t realize was that there were so many other people out there that had the same experiences as me. There was no Internet at the time to connect us, so were in these pockets all around the country. We didn’t have a Horror Host in Boston, but I had read about them. Eventually, Elvira was syndicated and when cable came along we were able to see such hosts as Joe Bob Briggs and even Grampa Munster! In the mid-1990’s, I decided that I wanted to be a Horror Host, too. I created the character of Uncle Death and have played him off and on over the years on an irregular basis. In 1999, I came up with the idea of The Fright Channel in order to share my “happy place” with the rest of the world. Although the investors backed out at the last second in 2003, and after a long time of picking myself up and dusting myself off, I was finally able to make a comeback with TFC and Uncle Death in 2010. Continue reading

Box Office

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The Only movie we are seeing this weekend

SUCKER PUNCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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