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5.27-30.2011: Weekend Box Office – The $

Posted in Box Office, Film on 05/31/2011 by sharonwong

It was a beautiful summer Memorial Day weekend with the recovery of one of the anchors from Blackbeard’s pirate ship and today, we’re recovering from another hangover.  It was a sequelicious weekend with the boys of #1 The Hangover Part II celebrating Stu’s pre-wedding brunch with $85.946 million and Jack Black’s Po fought to #2 with Kung Fu Panda 2 at $47.656 million.  Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides docked at #3 with $39.828 million.  #4 Bridesmaids and #5 Thor topped off the top five with $16.551 million and $9.533 million, respectively. Continue reading


5.31.2011: What To Watch – DVD/Blu-ray Releases

Posted in DVD, Film on 05/31/2011 by sharonwong

From HBO and IFC Films, this week’s DVD releases are a mix of films from both a rookie and a veteran filmmaker in the film festival circuit, and the third season of a vampire turned werewolf fest.

Kaboom (2010) on DVD.  Starring Thomas Dekker (Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles [tv]), Haley Bennett (The Haunting of Molly Hartley) and Chris Zylka (10 Things I Hate About You [tv]).  Written & Directed by Gregg Araki (Mysterious Skin). Continue reading

Monsters & Memories 11: Drums Of Jeopardy (1931) By Ed Davis

Posted in Monsters & Memories on 05/31/2011 by rogerfroilan

Greetings, Groovy Ghoulies! If you get anything in the mail that looks like it’s a little drummer necklace, get rid of it quickly! You may have just received the “Drums of Jeopardy”. This film was released in 1931 and directed by George B. Seitz. Was this a film to leave you quaking in your boots?

Continue reading

Quarantined Sets Loose

Posted in Comic News on 05/27/2011 by shaundaniels78

Quarantined Sets Loose

“Paranoid and political: At last, a zombie book with its sights set higher than just cannibalising the genre. Horror fiction with real teeth.” –Cy Dethan, Cancertwon, Slaughterman’s Creed Markosia Enterprises continues its strong tradition of thought-provoking horror with its latest release, Quarantined. Reminiscent of films such as The Thing and Dawn of the Dead, Quarantined takes readers on horrific journey through a politically charged landscape. Centering on a group of survivors trapped in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula after a virus turns nearly every resident into a vicious killing machine, Quarantined examines the fragile bonds of society, and what happens when those bonds are severed. Quarantined is written by Michael Moreci (Image’s Hoax Hunters) with art from Monty Borror, colors from Lauren Anne Sharp, letters from Jim Campbell, and covers from Keith Burns (Highland Laddie, The Boys). “Michael Moreci knows that the living are the scary part of the zombie tale. He knows what evil lurks in the heart of those facing inevitable death…. You’ll get a great, terrifying tale.” Tim Seeley, Hack/Slash (from his introduction) Continue reading

The Walking Dead issue #85 5.25.2011

Posted in Comic, Review on 05/25/2011 by sharonwong

The Walking Dead issue #85  Written by Robert Kirkman, Art & Cover by Charlie Adlard & Cliff Rathburn and Published by Image Comics

Review Written by Shaun Daniels and Edited by Sharon Wong

Issue #85 of The Walking Dead feels like that first breath of air when you reach the water’s surface after touching the bottom of the deep end of a pool.  Without an issue like this, it would be hard to read The Walking Dead in any form, be it monthly or trades.  This story works so well as humanity is able to show its tender and ugly sides even in the face of flesh-eating zombies.  We see love reach out in the case of Andrea and the unfaithfulness of Abraham. Continue reading

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