Forget About the Holmes, Bring On More Moriarty

Moriarty issue #4.  Written by Daniel Corey, Art by Anthony Diecidue and Published by Image Comics.  Retail Price $2.99

Review by Shaun Daniels and Edited by Sharon Wong

Moriarty is a book that should be mentioned in the same breath as The Walking Dead, Chew and Hack/Slash when it comes to the best comics coming out of Image.  The opening salvo in the story of our favorite literary villain Moriarty draws to a close but fear not friends, there will be more Moriarty in our future, September that is.  This series has put a new face on a villain that previously had only been a footnote in the cannon of the great Sherlock Holmes.

Moriarty finds himself at the end of his quest of searching for Mycroft Holmes, the brother of the distinguished and (in series) dearly departed Sherlock Holmes.  With the fate of England at hand, Moriarty is forced to do something he hates, be a hero.  At this very point, there isn’t much we can say about this book from a story point of view without spoiling it for you.

This series, not so much this issue, can be a dense but enjoyable read.  From the narration to the dialogue, the book feels as if it was written by the man himself, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.  Corey has done such a fantastic job scripting the dialogue of the adversary of the Sherlock Holmes, balancing both the cerebral and criminal nature of the criminal genius.

If there is any downside to this issue, it’s the art as it tends to look a bit rushed in spots.  Outside of the the critique, the scratchy dark art of Diecidue adds to the mood and creates a textured feel to the book.

Don’t wait until the fall for Moriarty to start up again.  Track down the issues and when you do, you will be asking yourself, Sherlock who?

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