The Hall of Justice, Nails and Apes…It’s Comic Book Quickies 8.31.11

Quickies by Shaun Daniels and Edited by Sharon Wong

Justice League issue #1
Written by Geoff Johns, Art by Jim Lee & Scott Williams and Published by DC Comics.  Retail Price $3.99
The DC flagship is back and Justice League is the starting gun of the New 52.  Written and drawn by the architects of the said new universe, this series is the road map to DC so don’t miss the bus on this one.

Hellraiser issue #4
Written by Clive Barker & Christopher Monfette, Art by Leonardo Manco (Covers A & B) and Published by BOOM! Studios.  Retail Price $3.99
Kristy Cotton got exactly what she wished for but at what cost to her, or worst yet, to her team.  Speaking of the team, they  learn of the idenity of the man who put the box into motion and Pinhead’s plan is starting to take shape in the form of leather and chains.

Planet of the Apes issue #5
Written by Daryl Gregory, Art by Carlos Magno (Covers A & B) and Published by BOOM! Studios.  Retail price $1.00
BOOM! Studios created this issue to be a great jumping on point for the series but they didn’t stop there.  They priced this issue at one dollar, yes, one singular George Washington.  The series fits in before the first movie, and explains why the Apes hate humans and why humans become mutes.  #5 will get you up to speed on the first four issues and at the same time, dump you in the middle of the search for the Lawgiver’s assassin.

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