9.2-4.2011: What To Watch – Labor Day Theater Edition

From the moon to the lake waters of Louisiana, Labor Day 2011 is about celebrating the end of summer, the last days to wear white, and fear in the forms of sharks and the unknown.  So put on your best summer whites and go see this weekend’s releases but we won’t blame you if you don’t go for a swim or fly to the moon after watching these movies.

Apollo 18  Starring [but uncredited] Warren Christie (TV’s Alphas) and Lloyd Owen (The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones).  Written by Cory Goodman (Priest) and Brian Miller (Paracusia).  Directed by Gonzalo López-Gallego (El rey de la montaña).

The first English-language film for director Gonzalo López-Gallego is no work of fiction but “found footage.”  This is what Dimension Films and Bob Weinstein, founder and head of Dimension, are pitching Apollo 18 as.  The no “actors” (actually, uncredited actors) horror/sci-fi/thriller is co-written by first-time feature film writer Brian Miller who wrote and produced short Paracusia, also a horror/sci-fi/thriller set in space (in this case, Mars).  The mockumentary was slated to be released in March of 2011 but found its real premiere date of September 2nd, 2011 after a total of five different proposed release dates.

Synopsis:  Officially, Apollo 17, launched December 17th, 1972 was the last manned mission to the moon.  But a year later, in December of 1973, two American astronauts were sent on a secret mission to the moon funded by the US Department of Defense.  What you are about to see is the actual footage which the astronauts captured on that mission.  While NASA denies its authenticity, others say it’s the real reason we’ve never gone back to the moon.

PG-13 / 86 mins / 2D

Official Website:  http://apollo18movie.net/

facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/apollo18movie#!/apollo18movie?sk=info

Twitter:  @apollo18movie

YouTube:  http://www.youtube.com/dimensionhorror

Shark Night 3D  Starring Sara Paxton (The Innkeepers), Dustin Milligan (TV’s Runaway), Chris Carmack (TV’s The O.C.), Joel David Moore (Avatar), Katharine McPhee (The House Bunny), Sinqua Walls (TV’s The Secret Life of the American Teenager), Donal Logue (TV’s Terriers), Joshua Leonard (Higher Ground), Alyssa Diaz (TV’s The Nine Lives of Chloe King) and Chris Zylka (Piranha 3DD).  Written by Will Hayes (TV’s Best Week Ever with Paul F. Tompkins) and Jesse Studenberg.  Directed by David R. Ellis (The Final Destination, Snakes on a Plane).

From piranhas to sharks, do not enter the 3D waters.  Shark Night 3D is joining in on the 3D craze while scaring end of summer swimmers out of the water.  The horror/thriller is from actor/director/stunt coordinator & stuntman David R. Ellis, who is no stranger to horrors (Asylum) or thrillers (Cellular).

Synopsis:  Arriving by boat at her family’s Louisiana lake island cabin, Sara (Paxton) and her friends quickly strip down to their swimsuits for a weekend of fun in the sun.  But when star football player Malik (Walls) stumbles from the salt-water lake with his arm torn off, the party mood quickly evaporates.  Assuming the injury was caused by a freak-wakeboarding accident, the group realizes they have to get Malik to a hospital on the other side of the lake, and fast.  But as they set out in a tiny speedboat, the college friends discover the lake has been stocked with hundreds of massive, flesh-eating sharks!  As they face one grisly death after another, Sara and the others struggle desperately to fend off the sharks, get help and stay alive long enough to reach the safety of dry land.

PG-13 / 85 mins / Digital 3D & RealD 3D

Official Website:  http://www.iamrogue.com/sharknight3d/fullsite/index.html

facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/SharkNight3D#!/SharkNight3D?sk=info

Twitter:  @SharkNight3D

YouTube:  http://www.youtube.com/user/SharkNight3D

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