It’s Never Too Late…Angel & Faith #1

Review by Shaun Daniels and Edited by Sharon Wong

We forgot to post our review of Angel & Faith #1 last week but we have a few good excuses.  Excuse #1: There was a guy and he… Excuse #2: There was a bus full of nuns and they… Excuse #3: A giant robot and it… OK, we confess, we screwed the pooch but the good news is that Angel & Faith is about as solid of a book as you’re going to get.  Last year, Dark Horse Comics announced that it snatched up the rights to publish Angel again, leaving fans patiently waiting for Angel to rejoin the Buffyverse proper.  Then it was announced that Christos Gage and Rebekah Isaacs were to be the respective writer and artist for the book.  We even scored the opportunity to talk to Gage about the project at April’s Boston Comic-Con (click here for interview).  Finally, the book arrived and boy, was the wait well worth it.  But be forewarned though as spoilers are afoot below, at least for Buffy’s season eight.

At the end of season eight of Buffy, Angel was no longer under the influence of Twilight, and worst of all, Giles was dead.  Now, Angel, living in Merry Olde England with Faith, is trying to right the wrongs he carried out but with Faith’s help.  The ever so broody Angel does his best to fill the void he created when he killed Giles and navigate the world, that for the most part, is cut off from the mystical world (see Buffy season 8).  The opening of the comic is a flashback to Giles performing a little freelance exorcism but unfortunately, it doesn’t go accordingly.  He does have a backup plan and vows that, as long as he is alive, he will help this family in need.  Flashing back to the present, Angel and Faith continue the good fight by helping the same family in only the way Angel can.  Faith splits off from Angel to catch up with the Slayers and finds there is no love lost between them and Angel.  Angel & Faith ends on a cliffhanger that will have you saying “Oh shit, did he just say that?!”.

When reading Angel & Faith, it will sound like Eliza Dushku is reading Faith’s lines in your head as writer Gage is able to capture the voice of Faith to that point.  Gage sets up a lot of tension in this very first issue, propelling the book to a high octane pace.  First, the Slayers are not fans of Angel as he murdered Giles, though possessed by Twilight.  It leaves a most difficult task for Faith who must balance between keeping an eye on the Slayers all while without letting them find out her involvement with Angel.  Second, familiar faces are seeking revenge on Angel for leaving them high and dry after the Twilight debacle.  Lastly, Angel drops a bomb with his last line of dialogue in the issue.  One really nice touch to the book that Gage gives is a nod to the IDW series, a series in which many fans were on the fence about.

Issacs’ art continues in the Buffyverse tradition of drawing the characters to resemble the actors that portrayed the roles rather than just be photorealistic drawings.  This choice in art style allows the artist the freedom to incorporate his/her own style while at the same time, providing easy access for fans of the show.  The two real standouts are Issacs’ ability to handle the action superbly, from Angel and Faith fighting demons to Faith keeping the Slayers on their toes.  The other is that Issacs does like no other, conveying Angel’s broodiness that David Boreanaz was known for.

If, after waiting this long, you have yet to buy and read Angel & Faith, you are a complete moron.  What are you waiting for? Go and pick up this book, you moron.

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  1. The best FILM i ever seen is this…>>>
    Just next Eliza, Albania is proud of you….♥♥♥

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