Comic Book Quickies – EP Edition 9.15.2011

Quickies by Shaun Daniels and Edited by Sharon Wong

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 9 Freefall #1
Written by Joss Whedon & Andrew Chambliss, Penciled by Georges Jeanty, Inked by Dexter Vines, Covers by Steve Morris, Jo Chen & Georges Jeanty and Published by Dark Horse Comics.  Retail Price $2.99

The last time anyone saw Buffy she cut the tie between the world and the Hell dimension, closing off Hell’s access to the world.  Sounds like a good thing, right?  That is if you consider depowering your best friend and ending a long line of Slayers a good thing.  In this issue, Buffy’s new hunting ground is San Francisco and she’s already making new enemies.  The much anticipated return of our favorite Slayer is finally here.

Baltimore: The Curse Bells #2
Written by Christopher Golden & Mike Mignola, Art by Ben Stenbeck, Colors by Dave Stewart, Cover by Mike Mignola and Published by Dark Horse Comics.  Retail price $3.50

Baltimore finds himself with a new cohort, Mr. Hodge, a former writer for the The Boston Globe, on his quest to kill Haigus the vampire who destroyed Baltimore’s life.  Of course, the duo end up sidetracked at a cathedral full of vampire nuns and human sacrifices.  It sounds like just your average day in the life of Lord Baltimore.

Demon Knights # 1
Written by Paul Cornell, Art by Oclair Albert & Diogenes Neves, Cover by Tony S. Daniels and Published by DC Comics.  Retail Price $2.99

As a horde of Barbarians crush medieval civilization, it’s up to Jason Blood and Madame Xanadu to save the world.  This horror book is a scary but fun-filled romp with swords, axes and sorcery.  Cornell said that Demon Knights is his medieval times version of The Magnificent Seven, and he sure hits the mark and then some.  We couldn’t decide what we like more about this book, Cornell’s writing or Neves’ art.

Moon Girl #4
Written by Tony Trov & Johnny Zito, Art by The Rahzzah and Published by Red 5 Comics.  Retail Price $3.50

This series by Red 5 comics is a fun blend of pulp-style superheroes and modern sensibility.  Set against the backdrop of post World War II in New York, Moon Girl is The Dark Knight meets Madmen.  It takes the dark action of The Dark Knight and adds in the period piece of Madmen, more specifically a woman’s place in the world.  Moon Girl, an exiled Soviet Princess, fights crime and her past on the rooftops of gritty New York, captured by the painted style art of the Rahzzah.

Bonnie Lass #1
Written by Michael Mayne & Tyler Fluharty, Art by Michael Mayne and Published by Red 5 Comics.  Retail price $2.99

Bonnie Lass makes it’s way to the printed page after debuting digitally in January.  This mixed technology pirate story is a refreshing action story full of big dumb fun, and that’s meant in nothing but a loving way.  The writing is solid and the art is of a cartoonish style, adding to the feel of the book.  Follow the exploits of Bonnie Lass and her band of outlaw buccaneers as they intercept stolen goods that has everyone, including the Navy, hot on her heels.

Anne Rice’s Servant of the Bones #2
Written by Anne Rice & Mariah Huehner, Art by Renae DeLiz & Ray Dillon, Cover by Renae DeLiz and Published by IDW.  Retail Price $3.99

Anne Rice, the master of modern vampire stories, turns her talent to the world djinnis.  This book is a great adaptation of the novel and is a self-exploration of the main character Azriel as he tries to learn what he really is.  Told in the nonlinear story style Rice is known for, Servant of the Bones jumps around from New York, France and Babylon.  The creative team boasts a trifecta of New York Times best sellers and is in good hands at IDW.

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