Living Through The Fight Club…It’s Angel and Faith #2

Review by Shaun Daniels and Edited by Sharon Wong

Angel and Faith (Live Through This – Part Two) #2

Written by Christos Gage, Art by Rebekah Isaacs, Colors by Dan Jackson, Covers by Steve Morris & Rebekah Isaacs and Published by Dark Horse Comics.

Four weeks have passed since the premiere of Angel and Faith and by now, most if not all A&F readers have picked their jaws up off the floor after the bombshell that was dropped at the end of issue #1.  Angel’s new purpose in life (or is it unlife?) is to do the impossible, bring back Giles from the great beyond.  This fool’s errand is to reverse the damage done by Angel at the end of Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8 while under the influence of Twilight.  This will undoubtedly backfire but nevertheless, Faith supports the broody one on his quest for the impossible.

The issue starts off as though it were the good old days of the Buffyverse with Faith and the Slayers on a vampire hunt.  But these vampires aren’t playing fair as they’ve traded in fangs for guns.  In the midst of the battle with this brood of bumpy faces, a demon gets caught up in the fray.  Baphon, the demon, is a drug dealer of the supernatural sort dealing in the blood of a Mohra, also a demon.  Baphon escapes but it’s not the last Faith has seen of him.  Faith spends a good deal of this issue balancing between helping the Slayers and hiding Angel from said Slayers all while keeping Angel from returning to the dark side, creating an intriguing dichotomy.  It all ends in London’s Demontown which could be found somewhere between Little Italy and Chinatown.  Of course, no Demontown is complete without its own version of Fight Club.  Angel gets a bit of his aggression out by going all sorts of Edward Norton on Jared Leto on the club’s patrons.  In the most unlikely and ironically of named places, the Demon Fight Club, Angel finds out that Baphon has connections to the club and this connection could prove helpful to Angel’s quest to resurrect Giles.

Christos Gage is definitely not wasting any time in setting up this series.  In just these two issues, he has set this book apart from Buffy Season 9Buffy, written by Joss Whedon and Andrew Chambliss, is taking a more deliberate approach by easing its way into the story, whereas Gage has chosen to jump right into the meat of the story with Angel’s quest.  Rather than try and flesh out supporting characters early on, Gage has focused on the complex relationship between Angel and Faith instead.  The tension in this book is propelled by Faith’s high wire balancing act of concealing Angel from the Slayers as well as protecting him from them.

Rebekah Isaacs and Christos Gage complement each other so well on this book.  Isaacs is able to capture the likenesses of the actors like David Boreanaz and Eliza Dushku who portrayed the characters Angel and Faith, respectively, on the shows while at the same time, able to give her art its own life.  The detailing of the action illustrates every punch and kick, making you forget it’s a comic.  Isaacs also excels with the quiet moments, helping to strengthen the bond between Angel and Faith.

If you miss the Buffyverse then this book will fill that Angel and Faith-sized void in your TV-watching soul.

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