9.30-10.2.2011: Weekend Box Office – The $

The Lion King and Dolphin Tale played trading places while #2 Moneyball ($12.031 million) remained stuck between the two childrens movies.  The reigning #1 movie of the past two weekends, The Lion King 3D ($10.615 million), fell two spots to #3 as Dolphin Tale ($13.912 million) rose two spots to #1.  Faith-based drama #4 Courageous ($9.063 million), and Joseph Gordon-Levitt and newlywed Seth Rogen’s #5 50/50 ($8.644 million), two of the weekend’s four premieres, tied up the weekend box office’s top five and are already in the black (the budgets for Courageous and 50/50 are $2 and $8 million, respectively).

Universal’s Dream House is known more for being a nightmare for the studio than for causing nightmares for audiences, and that was even before its first weekend at the box office.  Though the film stars Daniel Craig, Naomi Watts and Rachel Weisz with director Jim Sheridan at the helm, the drama/horror/mystery/thriller was unable to escape the behind the scenes issues between Sheridan and Morgan Creek Productions (Dream House‘s production company).  The $50 million film premiered at #6 with $8.129 million, a nightmare for studio accountants.

Falling four spots to #10, the sci-fi thriller Contagion infected 2,744 theaters, less 392 from the previous weekend.  Earning $4.907 million in its fourth weekend, the Steven Soderbergh-directed film has grossed $71.769 million worldwide with only $7 million from the foreign box office.

Check out ‘What To Watch – Theater Edition’ on Friday for this week’s new movie releases…it’s steel, not adamantium.

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