Haven Season 3: The Spring of Nathan

Written by Shaun Daniels and Edited by Sharon Wong

The fate of Haven is no longer in question; SyFy renewed the supernatural drama for a third season this past Wednesday, October 12th, one day before the start of the annual New York Comic-Con.  With the announcement, the Haven panel on the stage in the IGN theater was full of laughs with actors Emily Rose (TV’s ER & Jericho), Lucas Bryant (TV’s Faux Baby & M.V.P.) & Eric Balfour (TV’s 24, Skyline) and writers/producers Charles Ardai, Jim Dunn & Sam Ernst.  The Nova Scotia-based Haven-ers (or is it Haven-ites?) spent a good deal of time joking amongst themselves and with the audience, including a shirtless pact between Balfour and Bryant with Rose unwilling to join in, while doling out tidbits for fans.  The big news out of the panel is that season three will focus largely on Bryant’s Nathan Wuornos.  Executive producer Dunn spoke of exploring  the character of Nathan and the change(s) in store for him.  The tease from executive producer Sam Ernst was that of a reappearance of the shapeshifting chameleon, who may turn up in one form or another.  There was also a lot of talk, and questions and answers on the return of other past troubled characters returning as foils and in the roles of reluctant villains.  The one thing the writers were very tight-lipped about was the return of audience and cast & crew favorite Dwight Hendrickson, played by wrestler Adam “Edge” Copeland.  If the smiles (and continuous laughter) on the faces of the six panelists were a barometer for season three of Haven then it’s shaping up to be an incredible season for both the fans and the series.

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