Image Announces Extreme Line+

Image Comics is lowering the bucket into the well…the very well that put the publishing company on the map with titles from its early days. Of course, Image continues to publish original titles like Savage Dragon and Todd McFarlane‘s Spawn but what we’re talking about here is Rob Liefeld‘s Extreme Studios. The line will be comprised of books that were a part of the original studio titles like Bloodstrike, Glory, Youngblood and Supreme.

Speaking of Supreme, the book will be helmed by two, count it two, comic book legends and they are none other than Alan Moore and Erik Larsen, who writes Savage Dragon. Other familiar titles include Prophet with Brandon Graham writing and Simon Roy drawing, and Glory which will receive a makeover from writer Joe Keatinge and artist Ross Campbell. The duo of Keatinge and Campbell promises lots of action with Glory punching a tank in the first issue. The book itself is set after the massive war Glory has trained 900 years for and ended leaving her wondering, “What now?” Bloodstrike is up next with writer Tim Seeley and artist Francesco Gaston which will feature old and new characters alike 20 years into the future. Other announcements include Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard‘s original graphic novel Album, with The Passenger being the first installment, about oil-deprived Earth and the space tankers that haul the source of energy from the oil-rich planet in outer space. Oh yeah, and there are space pirates and crazy robots that try to kill the crew. Finally, Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips are bringing their crime noir story over to Image Comics with Fatale. This new series isn’t just about the dames (but possibly about the femme fatale) as it will have guns, monsters and cults to boot.

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