10.21-23.2011: Weekend Box Office – The $

Leaves are turning orange and red, the sun is setting before six o’clock and the nights are nippy with a scare in the air as Halloween is just around the corner (the corner as in next Monday).  This past weekend, pumpkins left the patch for carving, and audiences left the comfort and safety of home for scaring in theaters with Paranormal Activity 3.  The horror of the season frightened the rest of the weekend box office including Real Steel, #3 Footloose ($10.351 million) and #5 The Ides of March ($4.853 million).  The other new premieres, the serious remake #4 The Three Musketeers ($8.674 million) and #8 Johnny English Reborn ($3.833 million), starring Rowan Atkinson, were no match for Katie, Kristi and their invisible “friend.”

It’s a true but (para)normal Cinderella story…in 2009, $15,000 indie Paranormal Activity frightened people in over 50 countries and surprised Hollywood with its premiere at #3 with $19.617 million and then its $193.355 million worldwide gross.  Two years later, with one sequel under its belt, the successful franchise returns with a successful prequel, Paranormal Activity 3.  The #1 film of the weekend debuted with the #1 opening weekend record of a fall season, grossing $52.568 million at 3,321 theaters.  At a budget of $5 million, 3 also topped the franchise’s first sequel Paranormal Activity 2‘s $40.678 million opening, which was budgeted at $2 million less.

Real Steel continues boxing in the weekend box office ring but this week, it walked away with a few cuts and bruises as the film fell to #2.  After reigning at #1 for two weeks, the Hugh Jackman vehicle steadied its % decline from -40.4% to -33.6%, minus 28 theaters.  The sci-fi drama grossed $10.824 million, adding to it $66.732 million domestic gross and $152.832 million worldwide gross.

Unlike Real Steel, it was lights out for The Thing as this prequel dropped six spots to #9 after premiering at #3 last weekend.  Though the current total domestic gross of $14.049 million is close to beating out the $19.628 million total of the 1982 movie of the same name, this weekend’s pull of $3.069 million is something to be scared about.

Check out ‘What To Watch – Theater Edition’ on Friday for this week’s new movie releases…this sci-fi crime thriller is just too pretty.

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