It’s Creepy and It’s Eerie…A 2011 NYCC Exclusive with Dan Braun (Part I and II)

By Shaun Daniels and Sharon Wong

The 2011 New York Comic Con has come and gone, and The Fright Channel crew was able to make new friends, visit old friends and see creative types at work.  We also spoke to a bunch of comic book creators, which in part is due to our good friends at Dark Horse Comics who set us up with excellent interviews all weekend long (THANKS!!).  Starting this week and the weeks to follow, the interviews will be posted at Horror Haven Reviews including the first one here.

We had the opportunity and pleasure to talk to a man working on a project near and dear to our hearts…and that man is Dan Braun and that project is the return of Creepy and Eerie publications.  Braun, who is also a musician and producer, is not only an editor on the series but also a contributing writer.  During the interview, Dan revealed to us some great information about Creepy and Eerie, and the fact that neither comic is limited to just the print format.  We also talked about the other projects Dan is working on for his production company, Submarine Entertainment.  Please enjoy Part One and Two of the interview as we have.

Click here to listen to Part One.

Click here to listen to Part Two.

Audio Editing by Stephen Laskey of Laskey Productions.

For The Fright Channel fans who are hearing impaired or just like to read, please contact for a written transcript.

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