Hacking and Slashing Through Comics with Tim Seeley

By Shaun Daniels and Sharon Wong

The 2011 New York Comic Con parade continues marching on for The Fright Channel & Horror Haven Reviews with an interview with writer/artist Tim Seeley.  It is safe to say Seeley is one of the busiest creators in the world of comics especially now that he is taking over writing duty for Ron Marz on Witchblade.  Seeley also hinted in this interview that he is writing a book for Image Comics (Bloodstrike [with Francesco Gaston] for Image’s redux of their Extreme Studios imprint).  To round it all off, Tim is still killing it (pun intended) with his creator-owned series Hack/Slash and the miniseries The Occultist published by Dark Horse Comics.  We talk this, that and more with Tim Seeley.

Click here to listen to the interview.

Audio Editing by Stephen Laskey of Laskey Productions.

For The Fright Channel fans who are hearing impaired or just like to read, please contact shaun@horrorhaven.com for a written transcript.

Feedback is always welcomed at shaun@horrorhaven.com and sharon@horrorhaven.com


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