Kristian Donaldson: He’s Massive…As In Talented

By Shaun Daniels and Sharon Wong

With the hundreds, possibly even thousands, of announcements flying about at the 2011 New York Comic Con, there was one that definitely peaked our interest.  Artist Kristian Donaldson and writer/artist Brian Wood are getting back together again (“Reunited and it feels so good” – Peaches & Herb).  The duo have previously collaborated on a couple of projects, including DMZ (Vertigo) and our personal favorite, Supermarket (IDW Publishing).  Wood and Donaldson are now working on a new project together titled The Massive at Dark Horse Comics.  The Fright Channel & Horror Haven Reviews talk The Massive and Supermarket with the talented Kristian Donaldson.

Click here to listen to the interview.

Audio Editing by Stephen Laskey of Laskey Productions.

For The Fright Channel fans who are hearing impaired or just like to read, please contact for a written transcript.

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