10.28-30.2011: Weekend Box Office – The $

The cat is out of the bag and on the screen.  Paramount/Dreamworks Animation’s Shrek franchise continues on with the funniest character of the series that is neither Shrek nor Donkey but the Antonio Banderas-voiced Puss in Boots.  The prequel Puss in Boots fought tooth and claw for the #1 spot of the Halloween weekend box office and won with $34.077 million, though the opening weekend gross was far less than the premieres of any of the four Shrek movies (Shrek – $42.347 million, Shrek 2 – $108.037 million, Shrek the Third – $121.629 million and Shrek Forever After – $70.838 million).

The weekend wasn’t just all about the felines as moviegoers still wanted frights, especially pre-Halloween, with Paranormal Activity 3.  Fairly new leading man Justin Timberlake and veteran leading man Johnny Depp also premiered this last weekend of October with In Time and #5 The Rum Diary ($5.135 million), respectively.  Meanwhile, rookie leading man Kenny Wormald’s Footloose keeps surprising with its hold on audiences for the third week, dancing only one spot down to #4 ($5.502 million).

As the only horror movie of the Halloween weekend, Paranormal Activity 3 fulfilled the scare quotient at #2.  The second prequel of the top ten fell 65.5% even with an additional eight theaters screening the spine-tingling movie.  Nevertheless, PA3 grossed $18.144 million in its second week, adding to its now in-the-black $80.919 million domestic and $106.919 million worldwide grosses.

In Time was not worth the time (109 minutes of time to be exact) to the theater crowds as the sci-fi thriller debuted at #3 to only $12.05 million.  In its domestic-only premiere, the retro-futuristic-styled film is about $28 million away from its $40 million budget.  Writer Harlan Ellison has reportedly settled his lawsuit against In Time‘s production company, New Regency, director Andrew Niccol and anonymous John Does for film credit.

The boxing bots of Real Steel lost the sci-fi match, falling four spots to #6 after four weeks.  With three previously strong weeks at the weekend box office (two at #1 and one at #2), the film tumbled 55.8% but grossed $73.941 million domestically.  It is doing 7.7% better overseas with an estimated $86.1 million foreign gross, totaling $160.041 million worldwide.

Check out ‘What To Watch – Theater Edition’ next Friday for next week’s new movie releases…we require a week or two of rest for our Halloween hangover.

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