We’re Ready for a Quickie…It’s Comic Book Quickies 11.03.2011

Quickies by Shaun Daniels and Edited by Sharon Wong

Hack/Slash issue #9

Written by Tim Seeley, Art by Daniel Leister, Colors by Mark Englert, Letters by Crank!, Cover A by Tim Seeley & Rachelle Rosenberg, Cover B by Kristin Allen and Published by Image Comics

Cassie is being recruited by interdimensional prisoner retrieval agents after three of the most deadliest prisoners of all of the dimensions escapes to her world.  Due to past dealings with one of the prisoners, Cassie is the number one choice to aid in their capture.  Since Vlad is on the sidelines, Cassie must seek the aid of a very unlikely source…Samhain.

The Goon issue #36

Written by & Art by Eric Powell, Colors by Dave Stewart and Published by Dark Horse Comics

Issue #36 has it all, monsters, crime, action and dames.  Roxie Dlite, the world’s greatest burlesque dancer, finds her mixed up with some of the most criminal elements of the underworld and needs a place to hide out.  Unfortunately, events bring her face-to-face with the Goon and you can imagine how that ends.  To make matters even worst, Roxie’s past catches up to her.

Feedback is always welcomed at shaun@horrorhaven.com and sharon@horrorhaven.com


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