BEWARE! An Interview with the Pee-Your-Pants-Inducing Evan Dorkin

By Shaun Daniels and Sharon Wong

The 2011 New York Comic Con was an amazing convention for comics, anime, movies & television shows, and just about anything related to popular culture. We met new friends (artists Scott Hepburn & Kristian Donaldson) and met up with old friends (Ryan Browne of Zombie PETZ). One of the highlights of the weekend was meeting our idol, writer and artist Evan Dorkin.

We’ve read Milk and Cheese, Bill and Ted’s (Bogus Journey & Excellent Comic Book), and our favorite, Beasts of Burden from Dark Horse Comics. We’ve also watched his work on the Superman animated series (with wife & writer/artist Sarah Dyer). For these very reasons, meeting Evan was everything we thought it was going to be and much, much more. Evan had us laughing right from the beginning straight through to the end. The interview is broken up into two parts and is unedited so that you will get to experience the full flavor of Evan Dorkin.

Click here to listen to Part One.

Click here to listen to Part Two.

Audio Editing by Stephen Laskey of Laskey Productions.

For The Fright Channel fans who are hearing impaired or just like to read, please contact for a written transcript.

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