DC Announces Another Creator Change

Written by Shaun Daniels and Edited by Sharon Wong

Without any foresight into the plans at DC, it is unclear whether or not the change in the current creative team on DC Universe Presents was a part of the original plan or not.  The team of writer Paul Jenkins and artist Bernard Chang will be replaced after issue #5 with writer Dan DiDio and artist Jerry Ordway while Ryan Sook continues with the cover art.

The other big news was the New York Comic Con announcement by Keith Giffen, DiDio’s O.M.A.C. co-conspirator, of the next characters DC Universe Presents will feature, Challengers of the Unknown.  This marks the second Jack Kirby creation that Didio has tackled since the DC relaunch, the first being O.M.A.C., of course.  Hopefully, this will put naysayers to bed when it comes to doubts about DiDio’s writing prowess and talent.  The idea of another Kirby creation out there in the DC Comicverse will interest fans into seeing if there will be any deviation from the original.

Inspired by the drive-in movies of the fifties, the original series featured both scuba divers, and race car and big action movies of the time.  It was a part of the superhero revival of the late ‘50s which was spearheaded by the Flash who debuted only months earlier.  This series centered around four main characters: pilot Kyle “Ace” Morgan, daredevil Matthew “Red” Ryan, strong and slow-witted Leslie “Rocky” Davis, and scientist Walter Mark “Prof” Haley.  The four men miraculously survived a harrowing plane crash and believed they’re living on borrowed time, driving the men to seek out hazardous adventures.  No real tidbits have been released about the story but given the treatment of O.M.A.C. and the artistic pedigree that Ordway brings to the table, there is little to fear.

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