Real-Life Batman & Flash Bust Pedophiles

Written by Shaun Daniels and Edited by Sharon Wong

Setting Youtube ablaze over the past week are videos of a band of teenagers from British Columbia dressed as superheroes fighting crime, pedophile crime.  Unfortunately, their actions may land them in trouble with the law or possibly endanger innocent people.

Much like in the vein of Dateline NBC’s show, To Catch a Predator, the group have been luring alleged pedophiles to public locations, outing them to the surrounding public and then posting the videos on Youtube.  In order to bait the alleged pedophiles, the teens create false personas of either young boys or girls with promises of certain acts.  To really step up the outing, they dress as superheroes like Batman or the Flash and chant why the person is meeting there, accusing the person(s) of being a pedophile.  The videos are being taken down as quickly as they go up with the Canadian authorities stepping into the situation.  Besides the danger the “superheroes” put themselves in by the individuals in question, the authorities fear that the alleged pedophiles may target real children now that they have been aroused via online chatting.

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