11.18-20.2011: Weekend Box Office – The $

Without breaking a sweat (or in this case, blood), the fourth chapter in the Twilight series, Breaking Dawn – Part 1, jumped to the top of the weekend box office without a pack of werewolves or a rookery of penguins in its walk down the aisle.  The penguins of new sequel, Happy Feet Two, danced to the very distant #2 spot ($21.237 million) but was able to bump last week’s new #1 and #2, Immortals and #4 Jack and Jill ($11.738 million), down two spots.  #5 Puss in Boots coughed up its first hairball since its October 28th premiere as the swashbuckling cat rounded out the top five with $10.804 million.

Part 1 is #1.  The marriage, honeymoon and pregnancy of Bella Swan in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1 brought the first of two final Twilight films to #1 with the second-biggest opening of the franchise at $138.122 million.  Only $4.717 million from tying New Moon‘s premiere, the movie broke into the record books at #5 in biggest domestic opening, #15 in biggest foreign opening ($144 million) and #10 in biggest worldwide opening ($282.122 million).  It is also the highest-budgeted of the four vampire & werewolf movies, clocking in at $110 million versus the previous high of $68 million for Eclipse.

The Greek Gods, King Hyperion, Theseus and the Immortals fell the hardest of the top ten titles at -61.6%.  The former #1 fought to #3 even though it gained eight theaters to its 3,951 theaters in its second week.  It grossed $12.351 million, leaving the action-fantasy Immortals now in the black with a $91.079 million worldwide gross over the $75 million budget.

In Time‘s time in the top ten at the weekend box office is running out.  In just four weekends, the sci-fi thriller has dropped from its start at #3 and stopped at all the odd numbers.  Losing one short of 1,225 theaters, In Time grossed $1.71 million, adding to its now $33.454 million domestic gross.  The film is doing doubly better internationally with $61.6 million total to date.

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