11.23-27.2011: Weekend Box Office – The $

Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks for…family & friends, Black Friday and Jason Segel?  The executive producer, writer and star of The Muppets was the activist for the first Muppets movie in twelve years (the last was 1999’s Muppets from Space) and the five-day holiday weekend was the perfect re-introduction.  Kermit, Miss Piggy & friends were a successful #2 with $41.516 million (domestic) for the $45 million film, just $12.444 million behind Breaking Dawn.  The rest of the top five was for the kids and the holiday season with #3 Happy Feet Two ($18.351 million), #4 Arthur Christmas ($16.301 million) and #5 Hugo ($15.402 million).

Twilight fans (or Twi-Hards) fought through the Black Friday crowds to continue their love for Edward, Bella and Jacob in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1 for a second week.  In five days, the film grossed $61.853 million domestically at 4,066 screens, a -55.2% change from its premiere weekend, to repeat at #1.  The fourth installment in the vampire & werewolf franchise is ranked #3 of the four released movies and is currently at a gross of $220.832 million domestically and $268 million internationally.

The Immortals are a little less immortal and a little more mortal as the fantasy film fell four spots from #3 to #7 in its third weekend.  The Tarsem Singh movie may have lost 443 theaters but received a 2% boost with the $12.604 million from the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.  The total domestic gross of $68.706 million is just short of the $75 million budget with the $65.8 million international gross, putting it in the black.

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