Don’t Adjust Your Eyes…It is Hatchet/Slash

Review by Shaun Daniels and Edited by Sharon Wong

Hatchet/Slash: Hack/Slash Annual Number Three

Written by Benito Cereno, Art by Ariel Zucker-Brull, Cover A by Tim Seeley & Mark Englert, Cover B by Ariel Zucker-Brull and Published by Image Comics

It was just a matter of time before Cassie Hack of Hack/Slash and Victor Crowley of Hatchet would square off against each other.  And of course, it would have to be in the arena of fan fiction.  Well, there is no more of a perfect contender for ‘Perfect Stranger’ fanfic than this year’s Hack/Slash Annual, Hatchet/Slash, which will feature Cassie vs Crowley.

The book, like the movie Hatchet, is set in New Orleans during Mardi Gras with Hack/Slash’s Casey and Vlad being lured to the city by Bridget to hack it out with one Mr. Victor Crowley.  However, there’s a change of plans in taking down The Big Bad in The Big Easy.  Bridget believes in a more slow boat approach to dealing with the problem of Crowley.  Trapped in a wheelchair, Bridget orchestrated not only the return of Crowley but the revenge on the people who left her at the mercy of Crowley years ago.  Cassie goes to work as a Slasher is on the loose in, not the swamps of creole country, but the swamps that are brought to a location once ravaged by Hurricane Katrina, the Superdome.  The plot follows the movie, or rather mirrors the movie, and ends in Slasher movie fashion but with a Hack/Slash twist.

Written by Benito Cereno, the annual reads as if it was written by Hack/Slash creator & writer Tim Seeley.  Cereno handles the writing chores perfectly, doing a great job capturing Cassie’s dialogue.  He also provides a fresh feel to the story by blending the movie Hatchet and the book Hack/Slash.

Ariel Zucker-Brull draws a very creepy Victor Crowley, making him an even more terrifying foe.  The deaths in the book were rendered morbidly to capture the shock that slasher flicks are known for.

The third annual is a great companion piece to the Hatchet franchise as well as a great crossover for Hack/Slash.  If you consider yourself a horror fan, especially a Slasher fan, you need to hatchet, slash it and pick up this book.

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