Sci-Fi Double Feature Picture Show Part Duex

Review by Shaun Daniels and Edited by Sharon Wong

With the hustle and bustle of New York Comic Con and Thanksgiving behind us, we can finally catch up on our comic book reading before the arrival/onslaught of Christmas and New Year’s.  When we whipped out the iPad, we learned that Double Feature had released a new issue.  Admittedly, we dropped the ball on this DF considering it came out the week after NYCC, so apologies…now, let’s dig into the second offering of SciFi Double Feature.

First up is our favorite story of the book, Brigantine, written & lettered by Joshua Emmons with art by Mike Norton and colors by Nate Lovett.  The story takes place on the home world of the Ayun, blue-skinned aliens with large pointy ears, after a war with the human race (fyi: we didn’t win).  The main and human character, Jonas, is recruited by Patience, an Ayun femme fatale, to steal a spaceship.  Of course, things go wrong and Jonas is left holding the bag.  There’s also a great twist involving Patience and the A.I. that powers the ship.

Emmons did an impressive job getting a backstory crammed into eight pages.  He was able to create tension between Jonas and an Ayun prince that sets the table (we hope) for future stories.  The one bit of criticism comes in the form of the Ayun calling Jonas, Joan.  It’s easy for one to assume the Ayuns are insulting Jonas but it isn’t clear, and it might force you to go back and check the character’s name.  Norton is showing he can flex his art muscles by working on a different genre.  The character designs were difficult to pull off but he does it well whereas other artists would have created blue alien bunnies.

The second story is Piper 2.0, which is a futuristic take on a classic story, written by Tom Stillwell with art by Jethro Morales, colors by Rachelle Rosenberg and letters by Jason Arthur.  It won’t take long to figure out the origins of this tale but nevertheless, the story is done well overall.

Stillwell handles the futuristic updates to the story while blending them with the original story while Morales balances cartooning and a manga style, making the art both fun and vibrant.  Meanwhile, Rosenberg’s colors lends itself to the art by giving it a crisp feel.

It’s soapbox time.  The downside to Double Feature is that we want to see more of our favorite stories like Brigantine, The Liar, Cursed Blade and The Answer.  It certainly doesn’t sound like a bad thing but when when you have to wait five months before the next issue of the same genre, it is.  Plus, there’s no guarantee that said stories will appear again.  Thus far, Jack Kraken is the only character to appear twice.  Ideally, we’d love to see Double Feature as a showcase for the new and the old; just imagine getting Marshall Dillon & Matt Cossin‘s Cursed Blade or Corinna Bechko & Gabriel Hardman‘s Liar or Lee Bretschnieder & Justin Peterson‘s Edrik the Lazy, monthly.  Double Feature is in the early stages of development so there could be plans to release these titles monthly but with many of the creators working on other projects, we’ll just have to sit back and wait with you.

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