‘Twas SyFy Before Christmas

The week started with the two-part miniseries Neverland and now, SyFy is rolling out it’s Christmas week 19 days before the red and green holiday.  Thank you, Santa and SyFy!

Tuesday, December 6th

Eureka – Christmas episode at 8/7c:  T’was the night before Christmas, and all through the Smart House, not a creature was stirring…except Carter (Colin Ferguson) and Allison (Salli Richardson-Whitfield).

Warehouse 13 – Christmas episode at 9/8c:  It’s not a wonderful life when Pete (Eddie McClintock) discovers a world in which he’d never born!

Haven – Christmas episode at 10/9c:  Unexpected Christmas surprises become puzzling mysteries Audrey must solve (Emily Rose).

Wednesday, December 7th

Ghost Hunters – Season Finale “Christmas Spirit” at 9/8c:  TAPS gets into the spirit with an investigation of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

Saturday, December 10th

Snowmageddon – A SyFy Original Movie at 9/8c:  A mysterious snow globe shakes things up in a small town.

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