05.25-28.2012: Weekend Box Office – The $

Though not July 4th but Memorial Day weekend, Will Smith rejoined the summer movie season with a sequel ten years in the making.  Agents J (Smith) and K (Tommy Lee Jones and Josh Brolin), the men in Men in Black III, fought the aliens to win against The Avengers‘ Hulk, Iron Man, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Thor and Captain America.  The superheroes fell to the fellow Earth-saving duo yet they continued to dominate over second weekenders #3 Battleship ($11.05 million) and #4 The Dictator ($9.276 million), and the just released Chernobyl Diaries in the top five of the weekend box office.

After nearly a decade (short one month and a few days) and a total of 18 features between them, Smith and Jones returned with trilogy director Barry Sonnenfeld to the Men in Black series in MIB3.  The time traveling story was like a flashback for the franchise as the sci-fi comedy ended up with very similar box office results as its two predecessors; all of the movies premiered during a holiday weekend at #1, grossing more than $50k in its first three days.  The one difference is that the original and MIB3 received mostly positive reviews compared to Men in Black II.  In four days, the second sequel raked in $69.254 million at 4,248 theaters in the US and Canada while the 50 countries-wide international release added $133.2 million to the $202.454 million worldwide gross.

The Avengers may have lost the #1 spot and 331 theaters with the introduction of MIB3 but only posted a minor -15.1% change at the holiday weekend box office.  The four-weekend strong comic book-turned-movie’s total worldwide gross of $1.305 billion was boosted by the $47.222 million domestic from the four days.  With the month of May drawing to a close, The Avengers will break yet another record with the highest-opening record for the month with $207.438 million.

Unlike the nuclear disaster of 1986, Chernobyl Diaries was far less explosive and radioactive.  The six tourists, including Jesse McCartney, entered Prypiat and the weekend box office with $7.955 million at 2,433 theaters for the domestic only-released movie which was not screened for critics prior to its premiere.  Chernobyl Diaries, from Paranormal Activity‘s writer/producer Oren Peli, did however cause controversy for being insensitive to those affected by the disaster.

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