06.1-3.2012: Weekend Box Office – The $

Kristen Stewart’s Snow White bit into the poisonous apple of Charlize Theron’s Queen Ravenna and MIB3‘s weekend box office.  Snow White and the Huntsman shattered the mirror as in Mirror Mirror, premiering at #1 with $56.217 million which is just a few million shy from the first Snow White of 2012’s 10-weekend domestic gross of $62.911 million.  The $170 million movie opened at 3,773 theaters, appealing to a wide audience of which 52% were aged 30 years and older.

Probably wishing it could travel back to Memorial Day weekend, Men in Black 3 fell to #2 after only one turn at the top spot unlike the three consecutive and two consecutive #1 weekends of MIB and MIBII, respectively.  The sci-fi comedy screened at 4,248 theaters, the same number as the previous week, earning $28.075 million to its $225 million budget.  Currently, MIB3 has grossed $111.078 million domestic and $274.6 million international.

The Avengers continues to fight off just released movies by attracting $20.486 million worth of audiences in its fifth weekend.  The sci-fi action-adventure is dominating the box office full of less than summer blockbuster titles like #4 Battleship ($5.092 million), #8 Dark Shadows (#3.703 million) and #9 Chernobyl Diaries ($3.127 million).  The #3 movie is also continuing its record-breaking streak when it passed the $550 million mark with a domestic total of $552.95 million.  The Avengers and its $1.359 billion total gross is now ranked third in worldwide grosses behind Avatar and Titanic.

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