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Posted in THEN IS NOW on 03/03/2012 by rogerfroilan

In this day and age, we grown up Monsterkids are now parents. Parenting in and of itself is a tough gig, and with 500 channels, but none of the classic programming we used to watch, it’s even harder. Trying to shield your kid from all the sex on TV and in ads is next to impossible. Through the magic of DVD and downloading, we can show them programs and films that we grew up with. Next to that, we can also find some of the great books we had as kids online, many of which are readily available. Many of the cartoons the kids watch today have references that we as adults get. This special series of “Monster Parent” articles will highlight some of the ways we as parents can help educate our kids on the cool stuff of the past so that they will get the jokes along with you, as well as introducing them to stuff they should know! Today I present a couple of the cool books I read as a youth and now share with my kids.

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Then Is Now – Creature Double Feature Roundup 2 – Review

Posted in Review, THEN IS NOW with tags , , , , , on 09/26/2011 by rogerfroilan

With the close of summer and soon, the close of Drive-In Theater season, one is reminded of those brisk fall days when Creature Double Feature had its most profound impact.  The eerie look of the trees as the leaves fall lent itself to the scary monster films that CDF offered on a Saturday afternoon.  Matt Sanborn and Aaron Chauncey, stalwart members of the CDF message board, led the charge in bringing to us a bigger and better Creature Double Feature Roundup this year!  On Saturday, September 24th, 2011, at the Sheraton Four Points Hotel in Norwood, MA, Matt and Aaron brought together a cavalcade of great vendors and speakers.  Families showed up in droves to get together, peruse the eclectic vendor items, talk with artists, writers and actors, and gather together in the movie room to watch monster movie clips, presentations, and two classic CDF films!

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Then Is Now Review – The 3rd Annual Exeter UFO Festival – By Roger Froilan

Posted in Review, THEN IS NOW on 09/07/2011 by rogerfroilan


Exeter, New Hampshire is jockeying to become the next Roswell. It is a quaint New England town, the center of which is chock full of yuppie stores, over-priced sandwich shops with limited menus, and several cool old buildings. Exeter is also home to both “The Incident at Exeter” and “The Hill Abduction”, which are two famous UFO cases. I had the good fortune to be able to attend the The 3rd Annual Exeter UFO Festival with my son, Spencer, on Saturday, September 3rd, 2011.

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Then Is Now – Creature Double Feature Edition – By Roger Froilan

Posted in THEN IS NOW, TV on 08/24/2011 by rogerfroilan

With the second Roundup headed our way on September 24, 2011, lots of interest has been generated by people who fondly remember Creature Double Feature.  I don’t think the producers at WLVI Channel 56 in Boston realized when they were making the show back in the 1970s that it would have such a profound and lasting impact on a whole generation of viewers.  In fact, according to Aaron Chauncey who is co-creator of the Roundup, they didn’t think anyone was actually watching it!  What is it about Creature Double Feature that had such an effect on the viewers and why does that still hang on today?

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Then Is Now #3 – By Roger Froilan

Posted in THEN IS NOW on 05/05/2011 by rogerfroilan


April was crazy with birthday parties, Easter, and then the Boston ComicCon at the end of the month, which is why this next installment has taken so long. The beauty of the BCC was that almost everyone was from the area, and we all fondly reminisced about Creature Double Feature, Feep, Simon’s Sanctorum, Chiller and the other great horror programs of the past. Many fans and I talked about how cool Channel 56 and 38 used to be, before they became UPN, WB and the CW. Back then, the local stations cared about the audience and eagerly accepted input from the local fanbase.

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